Will Alfie take back Kat?

Alfie struggles to tell Kat that she’s not getting compensation from the court case about Harry. Deciding to take her up town for a treat before he tells her the news, he surprises her with a meal at a posh restaurant. When Kat confesses she already knows about the compensation, Alfie is relieved. Kat tells Alfie she wants him back but he doesn’t think they’re ready. Back in Walford, the pair spend their last pound on a scratchcard and finally kiss. They’re stunned when they realise the scratchcard is a winner… They’ve got a million pounds!

Sonia feels mortified about spending the night with Martin, begging him to keep it to himself. The news gets out, however, when Ian finds a condom wrapper in the house and confronts Martin. Heading to Carol’s, Ian tells Carol what happened between Martin and Sonia in front of Bex.

Tina is still torn between the two Carter camps, attempting to make peace between Mick and Shirley. Things don’t go to plan, as Mick hits them with the bombshell that he wants to buy Shirley out of the pub, handing Shirley a down payment.

Also, Vincent says he wants to be with Kim but continues to flirt with Ronnie.