Will Alfie tell Kat he’s engaged?

Roxy is keen for Alfie to break the news to Kat about their engagement, as she wants to tell everyone. Although Alfie promises to tell Kat today, he’s clearly dreading it. When Alfie bumps into Kat, she invites him to go with her and Tommy to Scarlett’s birthday party. After a nice day together, Alfie plucks up the courage to tell a devastated Kat the truth.

Janine throws a lavish party for Scarlett, with a pony and trap, caterers and waiters! A bit put out, Michael is pleased to discover that Janine’s made a mistake in inviting kids from a playgroup Scarlett only attended once. Despite the rivalry, they get on well, until Janine freaks when Alice takes a family photo of them. At home, Janine makes a call to someone, asking them to come over on Monday.

It’s Bobby’s birthday as well, and Ian decides to throw a party. Telling Lucy that Bobby has asked for the party, he ropes her into helping out in a bid to win her round. His ruse seems to have worked as Lucy starts to thaw. Finding out that Ian lied about Bobby’s request, Lucy is furious, telling Ian that she wants nothing more to do with him.

Also, Lola throws an early birthday party for Lexi.