Leopard’s Den has fallen into disrepair since Peters and the mining company bought the reserve to make way for a main road. And for Dupe and Danny, things aren’t much better either. Since they lost Leopard’s Den, the pair are working at the Big Five wild animal park doing menial tasks and jobs to make ends meet.

Dupe and Danny are both shocked when Alice arrives at the park. Both of them have lied to her about what their jobs are at the park, with Danny even telling her that he runs the place. She’s shocked and upset when she finds out that Dupe and Danny have both lied, and that they don’t have high ranking jobs.

Dupe takes Danny to see a place that’s for sale, which he believes they could make just as beautiful as Leopard’s Den. But Danny’s not convinced, because currently, the place is in a state. Just as Danny says that buying it would be a mistake, Dupe reveals that he has already bought it.

Later, Dupe goes in search of a missing Danny. Believing he has gone to the abandoned Leopard’s Den, Dupe arrives in the middle of the night to try and find him. But he’s shocked to find Peters dead in the pool.