Will Alice leave Leopard’s Den?

When Danny and Alice are called out by a farmer who has trapped a vicious African wild dog, Danny calls on wild dog expert Terry to help locate the pack. Everyone is shocked to learn that Terry is Alice’s ex, who Alice dumped when he couldn’t commit. Alice feels awkward around Terry, who explains that he’s taken a desk job in Namibia to be closer to her, Meanwhile, Alice starts to feel part of the Trevanion family when Du Plessis buys her daughter Charlotte a Dalmatian named Domino.

Rosie and Max return from honeymoon but the atmosphere between them is tense. After finding Max drinking at the bar, Du Plessis enlists his help to install a new generator, while Rosie admits to Alice that the honeymoon didn’t go to plan and agrees to look after Charlotte. When there’s a power cut, Rosie doesn’t notice the wild dog escaping, and Charlotte is put in danger when Domino leads her straight into its path.

Danny and Terry’s search for the wild dog’s pack is cut short when Max radios with the news that the wild dog has escaped and Charlotte is missing. Everyone is relieved when Charlotte is found safe, but the incident has clarified things for Alice, who tells Terry she’ll go with him to Namibia. Everyone’s surprised to see Alice and Terry kissing on the lawn, particularly Danny…