Will Amber and Daniel stick together?

Amber can’t reconcile her happiness at being with Daniel with her guilt over hurting Josh. In an attempt to restore her faith in them, Daniel takes her back the dark room – only to discover Terese has turned it into a storage room. Realising the depths of Terese’s disapproval, Amber runs off. Daniel finds her by the lake, and reminds her that all she needs to do is close her eyes and they are back in their dark room again. Moved, Amber kisses him.

Karl suggests that Paul might find it easier to put his feelings down on paper. When he reads them to Karl, it’s clear that he’s very depressed. Paul baulks at the thought of taking medication and tears up the material he’s written. He makes Karl promise that from now on there will be nothing in writing, vowing that Karl is the only medical professional he’ll deal with.

Susan worries Naomi is the mysterious writer – and that the story is based on her fantasies about Toadie. She tries to confront Naomi directly, but finds Brennan at home instead. He shuts down the idea that Naomi’s responsible, but gives her a clue as to the author’s real identity.