Will Amber dump Josh?

After Josh returns from the police station, Amber makes her escape to Daniel in the dark room. When they’re nearly caught together by Josh, Daniel urges her to tell him the truth. Meanwhile, Daniel learns Sue Parker, an old nemesis of his parents, is planning to sue Joshua and uses his knowledge of Sue’s past to convince her to drop her legal action. But when a thrilled Josh effusively thanks him, Daniel and Amber’s guilt only becomes worse.

Matt decides he wants to have a closer relationship with Bailey. A failed attempt to bond over shooting basketball hoops leaves Matt frustrated. But when Susan advises Matt to show interest in something Bailey loves, Matt tries to connect with Bailey’s passion for astronomy, and gets an idea for a project they can work on together – Bailey’s application to Space Camp.

Karl is deeply troubled by the rumour that Terese is performing mayoral duties for grief-stricken Paul. Karl seeks her out and she confides her own worries.

But when Karl goes to see Paul for himself, he realises Paul’s state of mind is worse than even he suspected and lodges an official complaint about Paul with the Council.