Will Amber flee Erinsborough?

Amber and Daniel are trying to stay positive on the eve of the paternity test as Daniel hastily arranges an early birthday party for Amber. Meanwhile, Danni selflessly encourages Josh to pursue a future with Amber, but when he turns up uninvited to Amber’s party, Daniel abandons his positive façade and confesses that he won’t be okay if this baby isn’t his. With pressure mounting Amber makes her escape.

Paige is feeling humiliated after finding Tyler mid-tryst with a female customer at the garage and tensions between them soon boil over. And as word of Paige and Tyler’s (fake) relationship spreads, they are forced to endure each other’s spitefulness, until Tyler clears the air with a peace offering.

Also, cousin Hilary arrives with information on the whereabouts of Paul’s estranged daughter Amy but Paul isn’t interested and Naomi is left wondering if he is making a mistake by not following up the lead on Amy.