Josh offers to help Amber with her photography, but he gets bored in the darkroom and slips away to do other things. Daniel arrives and when he admits his feelings for her, Amber is scared by the truth and runs away. She returns, however, and acts on her own feelings, kissing him passionately.

Toadie plans a day with his wife but she has to work and the two end up in a fight. A manipulative Naomi tells Toadie that some time apart might do him and Sonya good. Meanwhile, Georgia offers to cover for Sonya at the Nursery, sending her home… but Toad’s not there. Naomi sees a call coming through on Toadie’s phone and rejects it. Later, Sonya and Toadie almost slip into yet another fight when Naomi’s suggestion to take some time apart seems like a good idea.

Karl is surprised to learn from Paul that Terese is handling Council business on his behalf. When he questions Terese about it, she goes to Paul to hand back the work she’s been doing.

Paul angrily rejects her for letting him down, leading Daniel to remind him that Terese deserves better. Meanwhile, Karl tells Toadie he’s made some phone calls because he’s worried Paul is not up to the job of Mayor.