The atmosphere at the pub is tense between Sunita and Karl, with Karl clearly in denial about his problem. Seeing she looks stressed, Dev promises Sunita a slap-up meal at the Bistro later, assuring her Amber can look after the kids. Amber’s gutted as she was planning to go to a party, but simply moves the party to No 7. As Dev and Sunita head home they see Amber on the doorstep rowing with the neighbours over the music. Inside the house they’re horrified to see drunk students everywhere as the bemused twins look on. As Dev throws them out, Sunita lays into Amber, all her pent-up anger released.

News of Frank’s killer spreads and as word gets around shockwaves are felt through the street.

Kylie tells Brian she’s decided she wants Max back at Bessie Street. But when Brian reveals he’s given Max’s place away she storms out. But David manages to talk Brian round and forces Kylie to apologise.

Also, Audrey and Lewis have a near miss with Gail; as Tommy prepares for his date with Tina, he discovers the pros and cons list screwed up in the bin. At the Bistro Tommy slaps the list on the table. Tina tries to defend herself, but a row soon erupts.