Amber organises a dinner with Josh and Daniel on the eve of her fourteen week scan but it’s not long before their at loggerheads. The next day at the scan, Daniel and Joshua support Amber when suddenly Karl performs the ultrasound and rushes off to find a neonatal doctor. The trio’s fears that something could be wrong are justified when Karl comes back and ushers them into his office.

Brennan explains to Tyler that he called their middle brother, Aaron, to see if he could help cheer Tyler up, though he never imagined he would be working as an exotic dancer. Aaron’s arrival buoys Tyler, especially when he’s roped into helping Tyler get through work at the garage. Meanwhile, Brennan vows they’ll be a close family once more.

While Paul admits he’s excited to have Amy back, he still can’t get past the fact Naomi went behind his back. But Naomi’s had enough, demanding to be wooed and placing a ban on his mood swings. Paul agrees but insists that Naomi stop interfering in his family affairs.