Amber blames Josh for jeopardising her job with photographer, Rick Blaine, however Josh argues that deleting the photos of The Waterhole opening night was justified. When Rick’s baby model cancels for a shoot, Amber suggests Nell as a substitute. But when the shoot with Nell goes awry, Rick becomes unbearable and Amber decides enough is enough and tells him to shove his job. Josh later apologises for being belligerent, and she in turn apologises for prioritising her job over him.

Having been told by Brad that her husband has Alzheimer’s, Pam Willis arrives in town. The family is expecting her to be sympathetic but instead she accuses Doug of having an affair. But Karl takes her aside and Pam realises how wrong she was. Meanwhile, Josh makes a memory book to help Doug recall his rich life. But nothing can console Doug who is fearful of what lies ahead.

Sonya’s frazzled when her accountant reveals she’s been neglecting the business. Meanwhile, Toadie’s helping Naomi draft a letter to her ex lover’s wife about the ownership of the Daisy Nader painting she sold to Paul.

Later, Naomi insists her her relationship with Toadie is strictly professional, but Sheila’s not convinced and tells Sonya that Naomi has a thing for married men, and Toadie could be next.