Amber tells Imogen that she sees good in Robbo, but Imogen warns Amber to stay away from him. When Amber receives a text from Robbo, Bailey becomes suspicious and grabs his sister’s phone. He blabs to their parents, and Matt and Lauren ground her.

Later, Amber pumps Toadie for legal advice for Robbo and then tries to convince Robbo to plead guilty. However, Robbo has his own thing going on, having been invited to play cards with Paul. But it turns out Paul is simply reeling Robbo in until he’s lost so much money he’s paid off Mason’s debt to him. Desperate and angry, Robbo manipulates Amber into coming to his squat, where he proceeds to seduce her.

Susan tells Karl that Holly has admitted she wants to go home to her mother. Sad, Karl arranges to accompany Holly home to London to see for himself that she’s in good and capable hands.

Having taken Mason under his wing, Paul reels Robbo into a poker game. After playing the novice for the first few rounds, Paul then turns the tables on him. Robbo is stunned. When Paul dismisses him, Robbo’s ripe for revenge.