Will Amy run off with Kyle?

*First episode*

Standing on the doorstep at Joanie’s, who’s refusing to open the door, Amy pleads with her to understand. As she’s trying to put her case forward, Pollard arrives. They’re stunned when the door actually opens – but Amy soon puts her foot in it. Taking charge, Pollard sends her to the car while he heads indoors to try to sort things out with Joanie. Amy can’t believe her eyes when Kyle wanders into view. Rushing out to get him, Amy’s about to return him to Joanie when she changes her mind. Bundling the toddler into the car, she drives off…

Priya’s unimpressed when she hears her wedding plans are at risk because Alicia has left. When Megan explains Alicia’s exit was for personal reasons, David’s taken aback. Sneaking out, a concerned David and Alicia meet to talk about it unaware Dom is watching them from afar.

Knowing Jai turned Cain down, Moira’s out of options. Not wanting him to do anything illegal, she tells the mechanic her former mother-in-law has bailed them out. But she later puts Adam in the picture – it’s a lie.