Kyle reveals Bossy has a brain tumour and when he realises he can’t afford to pay for the operation, he says a teary goodbye to his best friend. But Amy provides a last-minute reprieve; she’s struck a contra deal with the vet – Bossy is saved, and Amy and Kyle are closer than ever.

Elsewhere, Amy tells Sonya to be honest with Toadie, so Sonya proposes they see a counsellor. But when Steph receives a surprise video call from Max’s new wife, Philippa, informing her that she’s thinking of adopting Charlie, Steph draws Toadie in for desperate moral support. He has to be at his appointment with Sonya, but Steph is begging him to stay.

Aaron excitedly tells Susan that Nate has texted – he’s safe and on his way to Europe for some space. Relieved, Susan thanks Aaron for the good news, and invites him to visit any time. Karl and Susan are pleased to know Nate’s okay, and take the opportunity of an empty house for some private time, which a mortified Aaron interrupts.