Will Amy tell Raf the truth?

It’s judgment day for Amy who now faces Serena after taking the blame for former lover Harry when he mistakenly administered the wrong drug to a patient. Amy’s husband, Raf, gets suspicious when he realises her story contradicts Harry’s and, knowing his wife never makes mistakes, he confronts Harry while they operate on a patient. When Harry admits Amy did cover for his mistake Raf goes straight to his wife and demands the truth. But he gets more than he bargained for when Amy tells him the real truth – that she slept with Harry!

Professor Elliot Hope has been ignoring his headaches, blurred vision and forgetfulness in recent weeks. When fisherman-turned-sea shanty singer, Bernard, is admitted with heart problems and swollen vocal cords, Elliot, Mo and Adele fail to work out what’s been causing his problems – until Bernard tells Elliot he’s had Botox! As Mo expresses her disbelief over men who leave major ailments untreated, Elliot finally decides to book a brain scan. But what will the results reveal?

Colette’s bemused by Holby boss Guy’s latest gimmick on the ward – an infection control sniffer dog called Rex. But it would seem it’s not just Rex who’s able to sniff out trouble when Colette witnesses the intimacy between Jesse and Zosia. Worried Guy will find out, Colette confronts Jesse and tells him exactly what will happen if he doesn’t end things with his best friend’s daughter…