Kate’s dance dreams are shattered when a bitter Candace sabotages her at rehearsal, leaving her with a sprained ankle. Kate is determined to be fit in time for the performance, but Declan warns her that she risks long-term damage if she tries to dance on her injured ankle. Fuelled by their unresolved feelings, they end up fighting.

When Kate accuses Declan of not supporting her, he responds by condemning her stubbornness. Eventually, a fed-up Declan washes his hands of the situation, leaving Kate to carry on without him. With all these setbacks, Kate wonders if her dream dance job is slipping out of her reach?

Meanwhile, Andrew is at home and feeling left out. He is angered further when even Harry avoids him. However, when he gets to the heart of Harry’s problem, Andrew tries to boost Harry’s confidence – with disastrous results.

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