Henrik Hanssen didn’t part with old flame Maja on the best of terms when he visited Stockholm earlier this year after he refused to see Frederik, the son he’d never met. So he’s thrown when Maja turns up at Holby, this week, with news that could force him to face up to his responsibilities. Hanssen tries his best to avoid Maja, who’s visiting Holby to see how an NHS ward is run, and he gets angry when she suggests dinner that evening.

Hanssen apologises then asks Maja why she’s really come to Holby. Maja admits she’s separating from husband Nils. Later, Maja’s reassured that Hanssen’s a caring man when she sees him helping young doc Arthur in theatre. When they return to Hanssen’s office, Maja tells him Frederik’s partner is pregnant, and shows him a photo of the two of them. Knowing he’s going to be a granddad, will Hanssen finally agree to meet his son?

Meanwhile, Mo struggles as heart patient Hattie deteriorates; they’re running out of time to find a donor. How far will Mo go to save her patient?

Also, Mary-Claire is keen to move her relationship with Harry to the next level – but does Harry feel same? And a mystery patient provides a welcome distraction for Chantelle.