Will and Ethan square up!

Will and Theresa turn up at the hotel to find they’re sharing a room! Their awkwardness turns to friendly banter as Will offers to get them some food. Meanwhile, Theresa realises she may have feelings for the bashful geek and is excited when he knocks at the door. However, she’s shocked to find Ethan at the door with a bunch of flowers.

Confusion ensues as Will returns with the wrong idea. Ethan thought Liberty had come to the concert, but Will thinks he’s come to see Theresa. Will refuses to listen and swiftly punches Ethan in the face!

Meanwhile, Jacqui starts to panic when Myra and Carmel get all giddy about the impromptu wedding and rushes out for a last-minute chat with Rhys. Will he convince her they’re doing the right thing or will they fail to turn up to their own wedding?

Also, Bart and the lads get their hands on a scooter only to find out they can’t drive it yet. Jason’s annoyed when Bart’s ploy to get Sinead back succeeds…

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