Andrew finally gets hold of Kate and tells her he knows about her and Noah. She tries to brush it off, but there’s no hiding from the video footage he shows her. Explaining she made a mistake, Kate begs him to delete the footage but he explains he can’t, Summer needs the footage to get onto her journalism course.

Getting increasingly desperate, Kate continues to ask Andrew to delete the footage, telling him it will ruin her life if it gets out. Andrew is in a very difficult position.

Mal’s touchy when Karl asks him if everything is OK with Katherine. When he sees him ordering flowers online, he assumes they’re for his wife, but they’re actually for Jade. When they arrive on her doorstep, Jade thinks they’re from Kyle and she’s all smiles, until Mal rocks up, looking pleased with himself, telling her he’s booked them into a hotel suite.

However, he doesn’t quite get the reaction he was after when Jade throws them back at him, telling him never to do that again. She reminds him what they have is just meant to be fun, no feelings involved and it’s up to him if he is interested in that or not, he assures her her is.