Will Andrew survive the explosion?

With the fire at Lyn’s blazing, the neighbours frantically wait for the fire brigade. Inside, Andrew and Summer wake up to find themselves trapped by flames and Paul is horrified when Andrew calls him, telling him he is inside. With Summer and Tash rescued, Michael and Andrew are still inside when there is another explosion and Andrew’s breathing worsens. Paul is relieved when Andrew is brought out but things don’t look good when he is taken away unconscious.

Summer tells Lucas, Susan and Lyn how one minute she was asleep and the next, Andrew was waking her up and there was smoke everywhere. When Susan starts questioning Summer, Lyn looks uncomfortable. Summer says she had turned everything off except the Christmas tree lights, adding that she put the spare set on before going to her room. Lyn knows it was the faulty lights that caused the fire.

Things get worse for Paul when Andrew is rushed back into theatre as the doctors can’t stop his internal bleeding. A conversation with Lyn makes Paul suspicious about the cause of the fire and when Summer tells him the fire alarm didn’t go off, Paul suspects Lyn had something to do with the fire. He reminds her he knows how desperate she was for money and that if he finds out the fire had anything to do her there’ll be trouble.

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