Will Andrew’s gig go without a hitch?

Andrew busily prepares for the all-ages ‘Red Cotton’ gig, but Paul has his reservations, following Andrew’s disastrous attempts in the past. But when Andrew assures him it’s all above board, Paul is impressed, but when he finds out Sophie is going, Paul puts his foot down, telling her he won’t allow it.

Furious and desperate to go, Sophie blackmails Andrew into persuading his dad to let her go. Reluctantly, Andrew agrees to look after Sophie at the gig and the event proves to be a resounding success. However, when Andrew catches Sophie kissing a boy, she threatens Andrew’s hard earned trust with his father, so he breaks the pair up and sends a humiliated Sophie home.

Kyle makes Jade promise to cancel her boot camp while she’s injured but Jade ignores his pleas. When Kyle discovers what she’s done, he seeks out Sonya’s help and shares his assumption that Jade’s independent streak is the result of her ex-boyfriend. Sonya isn’t aware Jade had an ex and Kyle realises how serious Jade’s secret past must be.

Summer vows to leave her guilt behind after being accepted into the journalism course at uni. She initially finds it easier said than done, but eventually manages to move on.