Will Andy and Katie tie the knot?

As everyone gets ready for Andy and Katie’s second wedding, Diane spots Robert by Jack’s grave and worries what he will do next. He ruined things for the couple the last time they got married, but will he ruin their happiness once again? Upset by his latest spat with Andy, Victoria warns Robert to stay away from the wedding. However, Robert isn’t the only person in the village who could ruin the big day because Bernice is still in love with Andy! So when she gets drunk and makes a dramatic entrance, will she ruin their nuptials?

Belle’s stunned to get a tablet computer from her parents Zak and Lisa, but when she gets a present from Gemma’s dad, Dom, it sends her over the edge and she ends up damaging her mum and dad’s gift! Feeling guilty, she tells them that Lachlan will be able to fix it and heads over to Home Farm, but it’s not really his technical help that she wants…

Elsewhere, Cain arrives at the Dingles claiming that the non-stop bickering between Moira and Charity is making his head pound – but it’s clear something else is bothering him. Meanwhile, as Megan faces Christmas without Robbie and Declan, she gets a big surprise when Jai proposes!