Will Andy be closed down?

Katie is confused when she gets to Butler’s with her horses and Andy tells her to clear off. Katie is forced to ask Nathan if she can temporarily stable her horses at Home Farm. Katie tells Paddy that she’s worried about Andy and the farm and when Paddy visits he is shocked by the state of the animals. Paddy finds a stack of unopened letters from DEFRA and tells Katie that unless they help Andy the government will close down the farm.

Maisie is worried about Mark and Natasha when she senses the strained atmosphere. Maisie thinks her relationship with Cain is at fault and apologises. Maisie learns that Mark and Natasha paid Cain to stop him going to the police about the assault incident. Natasha assures Maisie that their family can survive the likes of Cain Dingle and Maisie seems placated.

Marlon realises that he’s been had when he calls the ‘psychic hotline’ and he hears Lizzie’s phone ringing. Marlon confronts Lizzie and she tries to explain herself, but Marlon feels betrayed. Marlon tells Lizzie he’s had to pawn the TV to pay the huge telephone bill and she offers him half of her money back, not realising that Marlon is tricking her and the TV is stashed in the back.