Will Andy confess to killing Jake?

Phoebe is worried and asks Kyle if he killed Jake, which he denies. Unable to think straight, she tells Kyle she is moving to the Caravan Park for some space. Meanwhile, Kyle tells Andy to keep quiet, as there is not enough evidence to place Brax at the scene of the crime.

Ricky confronts Sergeant Emerson about why he is keeping Brax without any evidence. She tells him Brax has just learned he is going to be a father and wouldn’t risk his new family. Her words work and Brax is released.

When VJ and Jett hang out at the Surf Club, Tyson continues to taunt VJ. The next morning Jett tells Leah about the incident, but when VJ overhears the conversation he hits the roof.

Sophie wants to host a barbecue to celebrate her new home. She tells Nate to invite Hannah, but he tells his wife it may be awkward following recent events. Sophie assures Nate she is completely comfortable with their friendship. So when she bumps into Hannah and realises Nate hasn’t invited her, she asks him why he is acting so odd.