Will Andy finally confess?

Andy is in a desperate state in the aftermath of the fire and he tells Jo that he wishes he’d admitted to starting the fire that killed Sarah years ago. Andy is worried that Victoria will be in trouble for the fire at the cottage and he tells her that he’s going to finally confess to the police, but Jo begs him to reconsider.

Lexi returns to the village after hearing about the fire on the radio. Scarlett is delighted to see her and Carrie is also pleased and she begs Lexi to let her make things up to her. Lexi is hopeful, but when Carrie makes it clear that she’s not ready to tell Scarlett that Lexi is her daughter, a hurt Lexi decides to leave.

Nicola acts innocent over her trick to get Jasmine to stay away from the quiz. But Jasmine is determined not to let Nicola get one up on her and she thanks her for helping her to get the scoop on the fire! A riled Nicola taunts Jasmine about spending the night away with David, but Jasmine refuses to rise to the bait.

Also, Billy is in a critical state in hospital; Perdy asks Gray to move to the States with her.