Will Andy really marry Jo?


Andy ushers an unsuspecting Jo off to the hairdressers with Victoria to keep her out of the way while they prepare the barn for the wedding. Jo is shocked when Sam lets slip that the wedding won’t be happening in the church, but she is touched when she is given Laurel’s altered wedding dress and Andy shows her the beautifully decorated barn. But disaster strikes when Andy is unexpectedly called into court for his sentence and the wedding is off.

Carrie is furious when she finds out that Jimmy was trying to look up the restaurant that Kelly was seen working in. Jimmy denies it, but Carrie decides that their relationship is over. Carl gives Jimmy food for thought when he tells him that he’s wasting his time pining over Kelly and he tells Carrie he wants her back. Carrie is confused over what to do, as she doesn’t want to be made to feel like she’s second best.

Jonny and Marlon want to start up a health club and Diane agrees to let them hold it in the Woolpack. But the class turns into a similar disaster to the dancercise session when Duke, Pearl, Sandy, Turner, Val and Doug start to bicker!