Hugo starts to open up about why he’s suddenly come home, but the family aren’t given much time to catch up before Angelo and Charlie arrive. Hugo has to quickly hide, and everyone is nervous, wondering if he’ll be discovered. Angelo senses that Gina knows something about Hugo and so wants to follow it up. But when they arrive, the whole family is there, and none of them are particularly helpful.

Gina firmly denies knowing anything more about Hugo. Angelo doesn’t believe it, and so decides to set up surveillance on both Gina’s house and the Farm House. He stays out all night watching the Farm, but no secrets are revealed to him. The next morning, Charlie is worried this may turn into another one of Angelo’s obsessions.

Nicole is feeling upset after Aden’s departure, and nothing Miles or Ruby can do will cheer her up. She bursts into tears and Ruby has to comfort her. Nicole’s adamant she did the right thing, and as much as it hurts, it’s clear that Aden’s future wasn’t with her. She’s obviously struggling to move on, so Liam checks up on her, but there’s nothing he can do and he leaves feeling helpless.

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