Will Angelo leave the police force?

Angelo speaks to his lawyer about the charges against him. The arrest of corrupt cop Eaves isn’t helping – they’re cracking down on corruption. The lawyer tells Angelo he will stay suspended until the matter’s sorted. Angelo tells Miles he thinks he’s jinxed. Bad luck follows him around no matter what he does right. He’s tired of proving he should be a cop – he worked so hard getting back on the force. Angelo’s prosecutor makes him a deal – nobody wants the story to come out as it will mean a lot of bad press for the police. Angelo can walk free on one condition… he quits the force. Will Angelo take the deal?

Colleen calls the police – there’s a naked man on the beach. Charlie investigates and is shocked to find that the drunk and disorderly man is Angelo! When constable Avary goes to help Angelo up, Angelo punches him. He’s spending the night behind bars.

Marilyn introduces Alf and Miles to her ventriloquist’s doll, Mr Oddly. Alf recoils at the sight of it. He tells Marilyn that he saw a ventriloquist’s doll on his fifth birthday and it scared the living daylights out of him. He’s never recovered!

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