Will Angelo pull through?

Nicole hears the news she’s been waiting for – Angelo has been found. He’s in a hospital, so she immediately wants to see him. When she learns that he is in a coma, she goes anyway, accompanied by Roo. She meets Angelo’s mother, and learns that Angelo has been telling her all about her baby and she begins to feel guilty about giving him up.

Brax and Heath are in a quandary. They know Brodie dumped Angelo at the hospital, but Charlie knows this too. Brax decides to frame Brodie. But when the frame-up doesn’t go as planned, it is up to Brax to make sure that Brodie turns himself in.

Marilyn prepares for the naming day ceremony and everyone feels that she is going a bit over the top. When she hears that Nicole might not be able to make the ceremony, she decides to push ahead with it anyway. When Nicole arrives late, Marilyn continues the service, causing friction with Sid.

Later that evening, Sid drops by to see Nicole but she is not there. As he is leaving, he bumps into Roo and the pair endure another awkward meeting.

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