Angus leaves with Sarah

Sarah tries to persuade Angus to come back to Germany with her

Sarah isn’t surprised that Angus wants to stay with the Kennedy’s  – after all they’ve done an amazing job looking after him. But Angus privately tells Susan that he feels responsible for his mother’s illness. Karl and Sarah tell Sarah that Angus belongs with her and Sarah confronts her son – come to Germany and let her be the mother he deserves. An overwhelmed Angus eventually agrees and the Kennedys say an emotional goodbye.

Piper and Tyler finally tell each other how they feel, but aware of the age gap between them, Tyler wants her parents approval. Piper is reluctant but when Angus tells her Tyler’s doing the right thing she decides to talk to her parents and take the consequences – whatever they may be.

When Madison gets upset after finding her ex raving about his new girlfriend, Amy and Steph go into instant mother mode – and finally put their differences aside. The ladies have a girls’ night out, but things turn weird when Amy’s approached by a guy named Ryan, who seems to recognise her and calls her Anika.