Ravi implores Leila to keep their financial troubles from Anita, as she’s got enough on her mind with Newt and Theresa. Anita visits Newt in hospital and tells him she wants to turn herself in to the police. But Newt insists that she should lie low as the police can’t prove anything.

Darren and Frankie visit Newt as he continues to talk about Rae in the same light as Eli. Meanwhile, Jake calls into Mobs but when Frankie turns up he begins to back away and as a passing Nancy spots him with Charlie all hell breaks loose. Later, back at the flat, Jake gets an unwelcome visitor…

Kris endeavours to bring some fun to Nancy’s afternoon after she says she’s through with Hannah. Her mood is soon lifted after an afternoon of passion, but her dark mood returns and Kris finds himself thrown out in only his underwear. As her temper increases, she races round the flat, collecting anything she can find of Hannah’s and dumping it in a bin bag.

Also, Zak’s surprised when Elliot arrives at the call centre and takes great delight in telling Sheila that Elliot has fallen for her; Leila pops in and asks Zak to help Ravi out.

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