Romeo wants to know if Annie’s returning to Japan, but she hasn’t decided. Romeo realises there’s nothing he can do to convince her, but she takes that as him giving up. He tells her he doesn’t want her to go. Annie gives herself 24 hours to decide.

Miles gets to grips with what Marilyn told him. He and Alf are stunned – they never would’ve guessed it. They want to tell the kids, but have to respect Marilyn’s wishes. Miles is having difficulty covering up Rabbit’s presence. He has another session with Michael, and convinces him everything’s fine. But Michael requests a blood test to check the levels of the drugs in his system. Miles snaps at Marilyn – he’s sick of everyone telling him he’s ill.

Elijah is worried the retreat won’t go well, and there’s a lot riding on it. Leah is stressed too, as Elijah pulled away the other night when she wanted things to go further. Irene tells her not to put any pressure on him. When Elijah is hesitant about telling the other Reverends about Leah, she takes this as another bad sign. She confronts him and he admits he wasn’t sure how serious she wanted things to get.

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