Cindy questions whether Holly gave Dodger her consent and Holly lies that she didn’t. Cindy wants her daughter to go to the police but Dirk wants to hear Dodger’s side. In the village, John Paul, Cindy and Dirk all question Dodger and he pleads with them to believe that he didn’t do anything wrong. Elsewhere, Dennis urges Maxine to listen to Dodger. She confronts him over the rumours and he tells her that if she loved him, she wouldn’t believe them. Maxine is overwhelmed by Dodger’s words and wants nothing more than to be with him, but she can’t take her baby away from its father.

Sinead alerts Tony and Diane when she sees Finn looking at something explicit on his laptop. Tony has a chat with Finn, but Finn can’t take his eyes of Blessing after she humiliated him. Tony finds out that Blessing and Dennis are still together and threatens to tell Dennis the truth if she doesn’t. On her way home, Blessing sees posters of a missing Tyson and rips them down. Later, she panics when her mum turns up at The Hutch looking for Tyson.

Meanwhile, Sienna finds out that Sophie has gone missing from her adoptive home.