Will anyone find a trapped Toadie?

Swinging into action as mayor, Sonya gets a broken call from Toadie and realises he’s lost in the hotel and is struggling to free himself. Things only get worse as he dislodges a beam that just may lead to three deaths in Erinsborough, not two.

When Lauren spies a distinctive tattoo on Ned’s chest, she becomes cautious of him. But as Imogen and Piper begin to reconnect with Ned, Brad thinks it would be a great idea if he stayed with him and Lauren. When Lauren reveals she recognises his gang tattoo, he explains that he’s not a gang member and got the tattoo because he thought it was cool. Is Ned telling the truth?

Despite a burgeoning demand for his motel’s services in the wake of Lassiters closure, Paul is committed to seeing that Terese is properly cared for and confesses the love he has for her. When Mark drops by to ask after CCTV footage of Lassiters to help investigate the explosion, Paul’s guilty reaction implies there’s something he’s hiding…