Leah is still missing and Zac is convinced it’s his fault. While Alf co-ordinates a search that includes the entire Bay and a rescue team, Irene and Marilyn stay behind heartbroken over her disappearance. Meanwhile, Leah is wandering through the bush having hallucinations of VJ and slips on a rock.

As loved ones search for Leah, Matt, VJ, Nate and Alf come to the rocks where Leah has slipped, unaware she’s a few feet below. However, an innocent accident leads them to her.

Baby Casey is managing to settle with everyone, but Ricky. After sleeping tenderly in the arms of Kyle, Ash and Billie, Billie tells her she needs to relax. Ricky says that she misses surfing and after hitting the beach she’s far more relaxed with her son.

Ash gets a call from Brax who wants to see him and Kyle immediately, and makes Ash swear Ricky won’t find out about the phone call or their upcoming visit. Ash and Kyle head off to prison and when they finally see Brax, he tells them he needs their help to escape.