Will anyone find Oscar?

Evelyn is giving up hope when it comes to Oscar, as she can no longer feel if his presence through their connection. Meanwhile, he lays motionless on a beach as a stranger stands over him…

Leah sees that Irene has cut her hand on broken glass from a vodka bottle. Trying to care for her friend, Leah uses Irene’s baby blanket to clean Irene’s cut, which results in Irene launching a shocking attack. Yet, Leah persists in getting to the bottom of Irene’s emotions and Irene finally breaks down and reveals all.

Ricky is dressed to the nines for her special date with Nate, but is left disappointed when he has to rush off to attend to Irene’s cuts.

Also, Matt and Maddy wake up in the morning to find that the storm has passed. However, their romantic moment is interrupted by Alf.