Will anyone hear Nick’s cries for help?

With time running out will anyone come to Nick's rescue?

As Nick is sucked deeper into the quicksand, he pulls out his mobile but drops it and watches as it sinks out of reach. Up to his waist, Nick notices with panic the rapidly rising tide. Will help get to him before it’s too late?

Ken’s attacker is arrested for attempted murder.

Passing Bethany another spiked drink, Nathan slips off her engagement ring. Mel hands Bethany a parcel but realising it’s a present from Sarah, Bethany bins it. Worried for Bethany, Craig heads to the salon, but on his way finds semi-conscious Shona in a ginnel. Craig phones for an ambulance, while at the party a worse-for-wear Bethany makes a show of herself. How will Nathan react to this?

Erica agrees to distract Anna while Kevin prepares the house for her surprise 50th. Cathy drags him under a ladder and kisses him passionately. Will Brian respond?