Will anyone rescue Kyle and the twins in time?

As Ethan’s body is taken away, Casey grabs Ethan’s phone and Zac, Casey, Hannah and Tamara deduce that the twins are in a shipping container. When they arrive at the shipping yard they start banging on the hundreds of containers. Kyle hears them and musters the strength to call out. Zac, Hannah, Tamara and Casey rescue the trio just in time. When the twins arrive home, Hannah convinces Zac to wait a night before they tell them their father has died. Both Hannah and Zac are at breaking point and finally sleep together.

Montgomery realises that her bomb has not gone off at the school as she thought. She goes to Heath, who admits they don’t know who was behind the explosion, but is suspicious of Montgomery’s concern. Heath plans to head to the city to be with Bianca in hospital, while Kyle can’t hide his growing suspicion that there’s something between Ricky and Nate.

Alf finds out from the authorities that the bomb was hidden in Bianca’s laptop bag. Leah starts to wonder whether Montgomery was behind the explosion. Meanwhile, Montgomery is busy framing a student.

Alf asks Harvey to open up to Roo about what happened when he went missing. However, it’s clear Harvey isn’t dealing with reality.