Will anyone save Jacob?

Alone and afraid, runaway Jacob takes shelter in an abandoned building. But the stairs collapse and Jacob is trapped. While the boy’s in desperate need of rescue, all three of his parents – Alicia, Justin and Leyla – are fighting over him. Alicia is devastated by the news that Leyla slept with Justin. Leyla is sorry she did it, but not sorry she had Jacob. Come on, girls. Instead of fighting over Jacob how about finding him?

It’s not happy families at Home Farm, either. Ella and Mia have invited Declan’s dad, Dermot, to stay with them for Christmas – and they don’t tell Declan until just before Dermot arrives. He gets a warm welcome from the women, but Declan is distinctly frosty towards the old man. And we soon see why. Dermot’s keen to soak up not only village life but also Declan’s money.

Talking of money, the notoriously stingey Carl has already splashed out so Chas can buy her dream wedding. Now Chas gets home to find him down on one knee, offering her a sparkling diamond ring. Chas should be thinking about how much she could flog the ring for but, instead, she’s wishing her wedding wasn’t a sham.

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