Will anyone survive an explosion at Lassiters?

Josh argues with Daniel at Lassiters – seconds before the boiler blows and the pair become trapped beneath a concrete column. Paul and Karl are the first on the scene, and realise Daniel needs to be rushed to hospital urgently, or he will die, but lifting the column may cause Josh to haemorrhage catastrophically. Josh tells Karl to save Daniel but, as the column is lifted, and Daniel is whisked away, it becomes clear Josh won’t survive his injuries. His family say their goodbyes and Josh’s final act is to talk to Amber via Face Time, entrusting her to pass the video on to Matilda.

Georgia tells Kyle she still loves him and they kiss – just as Amy bursts in and catches them together. She rushes out, but Kyle forces his way into the lift as it’s closing. An explosion suddenly rips through the hotel and, when the pair smell smoke, Kyle tries the manhole, but is electrocuted as he climbs out, falling into Amy’s arms.

As the explosion destroys the foyer and injures people in the complex, Paul realises that something he has organised has caused the explosion.