Sophie kisses an imprisoned Nate, refusing to untie him when he claims he wants to touch her. Nate suggests they should run away together and they begin to drive back to Summer Bay. Meanwhile, Evelyn and Denny see Josh and Brax following the bus to Pheobe’s concert. At the same time, Sophie and Nate are heading in the opposite direction, when Sophie realises Nate has tricked her and they aren’t running away. She grabs the wheel, causing a terrible accident between their car and the bus.

Andy, Ash and Matt see Phoebe is drunk, unaware Neive has spiked her. Phoebe cuts her hand, so Andy goes to get a first aid kit. When Ash looks for Andy, he finds him lying on the ground and Neive’s assistant locks them in the basement. Soon after, Neive’s assistant begins to take advantage of Phoebe.

Before Maddy heads to the hospital to collect her blood results with Alf, Roo and Oscar, she tells Josh to move on. Roo breaks down, telling Alf she can’t bear to lose Maddy. Maddy asks Oscar to get her a snack but when he returns she’s gone and has left a note.