The police question Brax over the murder of Dean and produce a photo of the murder weapon – an old shovel with Brax’s fingerprints all over it. Ash feels guilty and admits to Ricky that Brax confronted Dean alone. Brax is released on bail and a guilty Ash tells Brax he’ll confess to the murder.

Oscar and Maddy are running out of money while living in the city. The pair have lunch and realise they can’t pay, so Maddy makes them do a runner! They end up sleeping rough and, next morning, Maddy sells her violin. Oscar sends Spencer a text to update him – it’s clear Maddy has no intention of going home.

Chris sees the video of Phoebe online and assumes she masterminded the entire video and is letting her pop star life get to her. Phoebe loses her temper and tells an apologetic Chris she was drugged in the video. Later, he sees a misleading article about Phoebe in the local newspaper and recruits Spencer to help him collect as many copies as possible, while Kyle wants Phoebe to press charges against Neive.