At the river, the car is under water and a handcuffed Brax hurls one of the prison guards to shore. He revives the officer and tells him the driver is still under water. The prison guard un-cuffs Brax and he dives into the water. The guard collapses. Ash arrives at the crash and once he learns about the accident, he plunges into the river to look for Brax. The officer calls for back up and an ambulance and Kat arrives on the scene.

Meanwhile, Kyle tells Ricky she’s not thinking straight about going on the run with Brax. Kat interrupts the pair and tells them that Brax has been in an accident, leaving Ricky believing he’s dead.

Denny volunteers to help John with the Carnival, but Alf walks into the surf club and berates John for organising it behind his back. Later, Alf loses his temper with Evelyn, Denny and Oscar, causing everyone to worry about him, including Marilyn who tells him he can no longer treat people in such a rude way. Her words do the trick, and he admits he needs help.