Ash is desperate for revenge, so he sends the River Boys to search every home and place in Summer Bay in a bid to find Robbo. Ash gets on the wrong side of Ben, when he marches into the Farm House and ransacks the place looking for Robbo. Next, Ash arrives at the Morgan house and demands to search the place, but Tori refuses to let him in.

Afterwards, Robbo starts to become tearful when he tells Tori that Lauren is the name of the woman in the picture and she was his wife . He also tearfully confesses that the two children in the picture are his children, but they are dead. Robbo tells Tori that he wants to hand himself into the police, but that plan goes awry when Ash and Dean spot Robbo.

Olivia struggles to contain her feelings when she sees Hunter and Jennifer getting cosy with one another. Irene tries to reassure her that things will get better, but Olivia is devastated when she sees the pair kiss.

Alf is on the mend, but he hasn’t heard from Roo. When Marilyn comes to visit him, she explains that Roo is struggling with his life-changing news. Alf tells Marilyn to ask Roo to come and see him. Will Roo accept his invite?