Tori is distressed that Ash is considering leaving with Luc and persuades him to think things through while Luc takes a nap. Ash protests that he has no choice and must leave or Mick will win custody. So Tori decides to leave the Bay with Ash and Luc. Will anyone be able to stop them in time?

Meanwhile, Ryder is doing his best to put the moves on both Raffy and Coco, but Justin interrupts them and spoils things for Ryder. Raffy and Coco have a moment alone, but when Raffy admits she likes Ryder, Coco lies and says she has no interest him. Coco heads home leaving Raffy and Ryder together and reaches for a snack – will Coco start binging again?

Also, Olivia returns from Melbourne on cloud nine after signing her contract with Axel. Hunter is shocked that Olivia has made none of the changes to the contract that they discussed, but Olivia tells him to stop worrying. As Olivia heads off to a meeting with Axel, Hunter wants to come along but Olivia refuses. At Salt, Axel clearly sees Olivia as more than just a business partner – but will he act on it?