Will Audrey and Ndale tie the knot?

Excitement is building for Audrey and Ndale as they prepare for their wedding day. However, scorned and jealous Sonya, who’s also Audrey’s bridesmaid, threatens to ruin the whole day. Ndale has persuaded Audrey that the pair should move to London after they get married, however Sonya is distraught that they could be shortly disappearing. She decides to write a note which reveals her affair with Ndale. However, a cunning Ndale manages to turn the situation around to his advantage, and manages to convince Audrey to go ahead with their big day.

Meanwhile, Michael is still angry at Lorraine and her plans to turn Waterloo Road into a fee-paying school, so he decides to go behind her back. Approaching the council, Michael tries to lure them into taking over the running of Waterloo Road.

Led by Christine, the teachers – angry at Lorraine’s decision – have decided to go on strike. She is undeterred by their actions, and instead decides to hire substitute teachers to fill the spaces left. One in particular – world-weary George Windsor – certainly wastes no time in making an impression. But for acting head Nikki, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Plus, under Esther’s guidance, Lula increases her campaigning against Lorraine’s business investment, Nox Pharmaeuticals. And when Esther spots an opportunity to infiltrate Nox, she spurs Lula’s activism further – regardless of the repercussions.