Will Audrey forgive Lewis?

Returning to the street, Lewis pays Peter back the four thousand pounds he stole from him plus another one thousand by way of compensation. He then heads over to the salon where he insists Audrey drives him to the police station so that he can turn himself in and prove how sorry he is for the way he treated her. Having been arrested then released on bail Lewis walks into the pub, which causes a real furore. Taking it on the chin Lewis begs Audrey to hear him out and she agrees, but it’s clear she’s still unsure.

Brian’s stunned as Dr Carter reveals there’s a small chance that his vasectomy wasn’t successful and he fathered Julie’s baby. Giving her the benefit of the doubt Brian finally accepts the baby is his. But having been accused of cheating Julie is still angry.

As Tina, Tommy and Jason leave for the concert Stella has a quiet word with Tina and tells her how much Tommy fancies her.

Also, as Milton and Sylvia leave for the States Roy sadly waves them off, concealing his true feelings.