*EastEnders is on BBC2 tonight due to the Commonwealth Games*

Dean is furious when he arrives at Blades to find the stash missing. When Aunt Babe turns up, the pair accuse each other of stealing it. The penny soon drops and they realise who is responsible. About to confront Shirley, Dean is stopped in his tracks by Aunt Babe, who insists she will deal with it.

Aunt Babe tells Shirley she’s got an announcement to make at the family dinner. Thinking the game is up and Mick will find out she’s his mum, Shirley begs Aunt Babe not to tear the family apart. Agreeing to keep her secret, Aunt Babe promises there will be no more lies. When Aunt Babe returns home, however, she’s sharing the house with a secret flatmate…

Liam has been cautioned for possession and his day gets even worse when he burns the family dinner. Retreating to the gardens, he finds Lee, who has a plan to help Liam get back in the family good books, helping Lee win over Whitney at the same time. Stealing a trifle from Aunt Babe for Liam to pass off as his own, Lee charms Whitney, who agrees to date him, as long as they keep it secret.

Meanwhile, Carol recovers from her operation and agrees to keep Charlie’s secret.