Will Ayesha report Hayden?

Ayesha tries to warn Sid off Hayden but he tells her to back off! Later, Ayesha confronts Hayden but he fronts it out – who’d believe her? Later, when Hayden takes off without a word, leaving his patients in the lurch, Ayesha books an appointment to see Howard for the next day…

Karen meets Ross who tells her his marriage broke up because of his cross-dressing. Karen offers to help Ross style himself and tells him to be honest with his wife. Ross tells Pam that he still loves her but she has to accept him as he is. Pam promises she’ll think about it and he’s left feeling hopeful – perhaps they do have a future together after all.

Howard is delighted to hear that Emma’s decided to keep the baby – but she’s shocked when he asks her to marry him! She thanks him but then turns him down. She later feels guilty for rejecting Howard and asks him if he’d like to accompany her to the scan. Howard is overjoyed!