Will Babe push Claudette too far in EastEnders?

Babe plays a dangerous game with Claudette when she continues to threaten the Cokers

Claudette threatens Babe, telling her to leave the Cokers alone or she’ll regret. Although agreeing to drop the blackmail, a scheming Babe is soon putting in place a plan to wheedle her way back into the kitchen at The Vic. Putting on a show for Mick and Linda of being apologetic to Abi, Babe’s smug when Linda agrees to let her do some more shifts. Triumphant that things are on the up again, Babe tells Claudette that she’s still after the Cokers and she expects the payments to continue…

After learning that Shabnam is moving to Leeds, Kush is feeling sorry for himself and agrees to go to Kim’s ‘Lock and Key’ dating night at the Albert. Although his lock ends up matching mum Carmel’s key, Kush eventually has a successful evening, when he goes back home with Denise! Meanwhile, after sorting things out with Masood, Carmel’s pleased when they have a flirty encounter.

Mark confronts Phil about calling him and saying that Tim isn’t his dad. Sharon and Ian are relieved when Phil insists Mark is mistaken, knowing they can keep Mark’s true paternity a secret for now. Sure that the truth will out one day, Jane thinks Mark deserves to be told about Grant but Ian digs his heels in. Deciding to spend time with the family, Mark reveals he wants to stick around for a few weeks, making Ian nervous.